Ventless Portable Air Conditioner

Do you want to keep cool in summer without running expensive air conditioning?

Get an economical ventless portable air conditioner, no vent required (also known as a swamp cooler, desert cooler, evaporative cooler or wet air cooler).

ventless portable air conditionerIt is a free standing air cooling device with no exhaust vent hose needed and it can save money now on running costs.

Vent Free Evaporative Air Coolers

If you just found this page, you're in for some interesting reading, as this is the focus of this website.

Staying cool in hot weather indoors is not just a convenience, it's a necessity in certain climates!

In Search of Affordable Cooling

In the past, the only effective way to chill the interior atmosphere to make it comfortable enough to live in was to employ a power hungry heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) monster.

It cost a small fortune to operate but provided the much needed respite from the searing heat outside.

portable air conditioner no vent requiredOrdinary fans are OK but they only push hot air around the room, they don't actually chill it in any way.

Fans Create a Breeze

You feel cooler in the breeze they create because the moving air evaporates the sweat on your skin, creating a drop in temperature as the sweat is evaporated.

Swamp coolers work in a similar way, with the big difference that they pass moving air through a moist membrane, evaporating the moisture. That creates cold air that really does reduce the ambient temperature in a room; in some cases by as much as 30 degrees!

Low Cost Cooling

The amazing thing about this type of air cooling solution is that it does it extremely cheaply. That's when it's compared to regular air conditioners, either movable or fixed installations.

The running costs are so much lower thanks to there being no motorized air chilling, compressor refrigerant system (and the power needed to run it) as with regular aircon.

And the other big attraction of swamp coolers is there's no need to vent to the outside!

Cooling Unit No Vent

So here we have an extremely economical, highly portable and ventless air cooling solution. One that is powerful, quiet to run and environmentally friendly (very important).

As long as you have low humidity levels where you live or work, you can enjoy the benefits of this type of climate control solution for those months of the year that get really hot and you need to be comfortable!

Note: As a Sylvane affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

FEATURED VENTLESS COOLER FOR 2021 - Hessaire MC18M Evaporative Air Cooler

Hessaire MC18M

best vent free portable air conditioner on sale

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Here is a great low cost, yet powerful cooler that has been getting a lot of positive attention from customers and shoppers this year. You can buy one online from Sylvane today by clicking the image to the left.

It's super economical to run, surprisingly quiet yet has a high output that can cool a room of up to 500 sq ft by 20 degrees or more.

Its 4.8 gall tank is big enough to keep the unit running for up to 4 hours before needing a refill.

Lightweight and Compact

Yet it's light (only 16lbs) and about the size of a suitcase, making it extremely portable and easy to wheel around from room to room.

Remember, this amazing cooler does NOT need an exhaust hose to vent hot air because it doesn't produce any hot air. It's exactly what you wanted when you found this page!

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Best Ventless Portable Air Conditioner Models

Perhaps you're considering getting one of these amazing mobile ductless room coolers for yourself but you're not sure which might be the best model for your needs.

There are many different models from several different manufacturers. So when faced with a choice it can get tough to know which will suit your individual circumstances the best.

Swamp Cooler Reviews

In fact, that's where this site can really help you. I have included several individual product reviews as well as comparison articles so you can see which model has the best benefits you're most interested in.

Add to that the kind of power output you will need and then average costs for purchase and running. There is a lot here but that's exactly what you need to make an informed decision on which is the best one for you.

Spoiler Alert!

By way of a spoiler, I'm also listing my next two top swamp cooler models that are best for general use in regular size rooms or outdoors. You can click the image of the cooler you like best if you want to visit the page at Sylvane where you can buy it:

Note: As a Sylvane affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Honeywell CL30XC 525 CFM Evaporative Cooler

The Honeywell CL30XC portable evaporative cooler is lightweight yet powerful and perfect for cooling rooms in your home or in your office.

This swamp cooler is ideal for use in arid conditions indoors and outdoors.

It can efficiently and surprisingly inexpensively cools medium size spaces of up to 320 sq ft. With a high-performing, honeycomb cooling media, this cooler is designed with user-friendly features, plus it features a powerful air flow of 525 CFM.

Coming from a popular manufacturer of cooling equipment, Honeywell, this unit is particularly popular. In fact it is one of the most popular swamp coolers on sale today!

It's powerful fan has three speed settings and the airflow can be automatically directed around the room using its oscillating louvers.

Its detachable water tank holds up to 8 gallons of water for long, uninterrupted running and there's a low water alarm to tell you when it's time to refill.

If you prefer constant running, there is a standard hose hookup point that will keep the tank full and the unit running for as long as you want. Great for using the unit outdoors on the patio for those summer barbecues or for keeping you cool around the pool when friends or family come over!

You can also add ice via the unit's top loading ice compartment for a blast of extra cold air when you need it!

To operate, the unit has easy-to-read on-board digital controls plus a remote for convenience.

Click the image above right to visit the product page at the Sylvane website, where you can get full details of how to buy this great looking and top performing cooler.

Hessaire MC37M 3,100 CFM Evaporative Cooler

Here is a higher powered evaporative cooler from Hessaire that can cover a much larger area (up to 950 sq ft) indoors as well as outdoors.

This model can shift air at a rate of 3,100 cubic feet per minute (CFM), yet it's operation and control are kept as simple as possible. This means there are fewer things that could go wrong, as is evident in some of the more complex coolers around today.

This cooler does its job effectively and without fuss. All the controls (of which there are only a few) are manual, for setting the fan speed (low, medium, high), pump on/off and whether to swing the oscillating louvers to move the air left and right for even distribution.

The water tank holds just over 10 gallons, sufficient to keep it running for up to 4 hours, or you can hook up a water hose for continuous filling and non-stop running.

The big attraction of this cooler is of course its high power output that blasts a lot of cold air out to keep you cool.

There is some assembly needed upon arrival: The casters are stored inside the unit for transport so these have to be installed before you use it.

After the casters are on and you have filled the tank with water, it's simply a case of turning it on and giving it a short while to soak the evaporating medium before it starts pumping out chilled air.

If you want a high output cooler that doesn't cost much to run and you live in an area with a dry atmosphere, this Hessaire unit is the one for you!

Click the image above right to visit Sylvane where this cooler is on sale right now.

Let's look at how these devices work and what makes them tick.

How A Swamp Cooler Works

Are you wondering how an evaporative cooler keeps you cool? Here is a short explanation of how this type of cooling device works.

By exploiting water's surprisingly large enthalpy of vaporization, these devices are capable of dropping the temperature of dry air significantly through what is known as the phase transition of liquid water into water vapor, or simply put, does a portable evaporative cooler work

The following paragraphs may appear a little more like the science section of the article, but I wanted to include it in case anyone was interested:

The Science of Vent-Free Cooling

The energy required to evaporate the water is extracted from the dry air in the form of "sensible heat." This has an affect on the actual temperature of the air and is converted into "latent heat."

This is the energy that is present in the air's water vapor component. All the while, the enthalpy value of air remains constant.

Isenthalpic Process

The process of sensible heat conversion to latent heat is known correctly as an "isenthalpic process" since it occurs at a constant enthalpy value. From this it can be seen that evaporative cooling (working with a phase change of liquid water into vapor along with the latent heat of vaporization) creates:

This phase-change cooling process can be seen in a visual manner with the use of a psychrometric chart, finding the initial condition of the air and then following a line of constant enthalpy that will lead toward the air's state of higher humidity.

Thermal Comfort

If that didn't exactly make a whole load of sense, don't worry. Here's the simpler explanation:

The general idea here is that this process makes it possible to reduce the temperature of the air to create thermal comfort inside a building while using far less energy than a comparable air conditioner that uses a refrigeration model to produce cold air.

Humidifies as it Cools

In extremely dry climates (very low humidity), the ventilation and cooling of air through evaporation has the additional benefit of humidifying or conditioning the air with moisture providing greater comfort for a building's occupants.

The cooling potential for cooling by evaporation is largely dependent on the difference between the dry-bulb temperature and the wet-bulb temperature (known as wet-bulb depression).

Low Energy Consumption

In the dry, arid climates that are best served by this method of cooling, energy consumption is greatly reduced along with the total equipment needed as an alternative to compressor-based cooling (AC).

In climates that are not necessarily considered to be arid, advantage can still be taken of the indirect evaporative cooling process yet still not causing an increase in humidity.

Passive evaporative cooling strategies will offer similar benefits of hardware, mechanical evaporative cooling systems all without the added complexity of external equipment and ductwork.

Free Standing Portable Air Conditioner Without Vent Hose?

Despite what you have already read here, you may be surprised to know that there are many people that will ask,

"Can you really have such a device that will keep you cool but doesn't need a ventilation hose to vent hot exhaust air to the outside of the house?"

portable air conditioner without vent hoseUnsurprisingly, if those people had been reading this page, their question would already have been answered!

However, it can be a little difficult to really understand this if they've been accustomed to using a regular aircon device that did have an exhaust vent.

Air Conditioning and Hot Air Exhaust

Let's talk about this a little. An air conditioner is essentially a large refrigeration device.

Perhaps you already know that in order for a refrigeration device to produce chilled output via the use of "vapor-compression refrigeration" or an absorption refrigerator method, it must generate a similar amount of heated output from the heat exchange process.

You simply cannot have one without the other!

Expelling the Hot Air

That heated output cannot be allowed to disperse in the room you want to occupy or it will increase the temperature, not reduce it. This is the general aim.

So that hot air must be forced outside of the room (preferably outside of the building altogether). And that's what a portable AC unit's exhaust vent hose is for!

Unsightly Plastic Hose

That flexible corrugated plastic pipe is a nuisance at best because it has to be fitted to an installed outlet in the wall or window frame. Or as is more often the case, dangled out a convenient slightly open window!

The latter case is not ideal as some of the heat will re-enter the room through that window opening. However, the net effect is a cooler room so the occupant is happy enough with the system.

Evaporative Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner

Then you have the vent-free cooling alternative in the free standing evaporative or swamp cooler. This device does away with the need for a refrigeration heat exchange process altogether and relies on nature's own temperature control process: cooling by evaporation.

This simplified process means there is no heat exchange and therefore no heated output from the device. That means there is only cold output as long as the humidity level in the room is sufficiently low (below 50% is optimum).

Ideal Conditions

Where conditions are ideal (and you want to compare evap cooler vs air conditioner), the truth is that a swamp cooler can perform equally well when competing against an AC unit. The big advantage is that it does so while using considerably less power.

In fact, the only real power usage is that of the fan and some ancillary power for the timer and any other "controls" that may be featured on the unit.

Very Low Power

The typical power usage is often below 100 watts of electricity.

If you compare this to the considerable power requirements of an AC compressor and heat exchange engine, which runs into the kilowatts (1,000 watts plus) range, you can quickly see how much more economical the swamp cooler is when set up against a comparable AC in terms of temperature chilling capacity.

The purchase cost is another factor that sways heavily in favor of the lower energy consuming device, with comparable units costing well over half that of their more power hungry alternatives.

If It Absolutely Must Be a Portable Air Conditioner

I quite understand that there are a lot of people living in areas that have high humidity. It means they simply cannot take advantage of the low energy evaporative cooler to keep them comfortable during summer's hot, sticky weather.

In this situation, a free standing AC unit is probably the only way to beat the heat effectively.

Staying Cool Regardless

If making do with an exhaust vent hose trailing out a suitable window means getting through the summer in relatively cool comfort, then so be it!

It is way better than suffering in the heat. Even if you're on a low budget, a portable AC can bring you affordable cool relief from the heat.

Top Rated Portable Air Conditioners

I really couldn't leave such a large percentage of the population wondering which free standing air conditioner is best for them. So I've included these AC models below which are highly rated and big sellers at online stores such as Sylvane this year.

Note: As a Sylvane affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Take a look for yourself by clicking the image or link below it:

LG LP1217GSR 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

The LG LP1217GSR 12,000 BTU is capable of cooling, dehumidifying and circulating air in rooms up to 400 sq ft and is one of the most versatile mid-powered ACs on the market.

This single hose air conditioner is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, home office space in all sizes of home from small apartments to larger houses.

Set the precise temperature and program the timer on the electronic touch control panel or use the included remote control.

Auto Evaporation

It features an auto-evaporation system to remove excess moisture through the exhaust hose instead of allowing it to condense into a tray. So there's no need to drain periodically like most portable units.

In addition to cooling, it also has a dehumidifying function that is capable of removing up to 2.6 pints of excess moisture per hour. There is a removable, washable air filter that works to eliminate dust particles and allergens in the air.

To help make it easily portable, there are durable caster wheels for easy movement. It features auto-swinging louvers and powerful air circulation all with a quiet operation rated at 53 dB.

Note: At May 31, 2021, this AC model is out of stock. Click the image link above right to visit Sylvane's website page displaying all available portable air conditioners.

Honeywell HJ4CESWK9 14,000 BTU Contempo

The Honeywell 14,000 BTU Contempo Series portable air conditioner is ideal for spot cooling and creating a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere in spaces up to 500 square feet.

This sleek portable air conditioner is also available with heat for year-round use (the model on review is the "cool only" model).

Both options provide powerful cooling to quickly offer pleasantly cool air to medium-to-large rooms such as living rooms, home offices, basements or large bedrooms.

It is very easy to set the ideal temperature you prefer either direct from the unit's control panel or from the remote.

Programmable Timer

This unit's thermostat works to maintain the temperature you set without any further work for you to do. There is a programmable timer and 3 fan speeds that can also be set on the panel or on the remote.

As well as cooling, this model has a dehumidifying function as well as a fan-only mode for those times when it's warm but just not hot enough for the additional cooling power of the AC.

Do You Want One?

Simply click the image above to visit the product page at the Sylvane website where you can get the full details and spec and order it for yourself online. There is free shipping on these models and the prices are competitive with other online stores.

Note: The two AC units above must be vented to the outside via a flexible exhaust duct (vent hose) supplied with the unit. Use the window fixing kit supplied for best results.

The above models should not be confused with the ventless portable air conditioner type of cooler (by that I mean an evaporative cooler).

Air Conditioners Where Needed

The above refrigerant-based portable AC examples have been included for those folks that live in climates with high summer humidity levels. By that I mean the kind of hot, humid climate where swamp (evaporating) coolers will not work as effectively as AC.

There are many very good reasons to opt for a low power, high output climate cooling evaporative device over a regular portable or fixed AC or HVAC system when climate conditions are right.

Know Your Local Humidity levels

However, please remember this is true only when the local climate will sustain this type of cooling device.

That means you really need to have low enough humidity levels during the hot season (preferably below 60%) so that it works effectively. You can easily check with your local weather station for the local atmospheric moisture levels.

Is your local climate right (low humidity)? Are purchase cost, running costs, environmental factors and sheer portability without a vent hose the benefits that fit with your own personal values?

Then an unvented air conditioner (...and now you know that's really an evaporative/swamp cooler) is the choice you should be making to keep you and your family cool during the hot summer months.

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