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Are Ventless Air Conditioners Any Good?

Regarded by many as the ideal, economy-driven solution to staying cool in summer, are ventless air conditioners any good and what are the alternatives if not?

Of course it must be pointed out that ventless air conditioners are actually evaporative air coolers (swamp coolers) and not what most people regard as true "air conditioners."

So with this distinction made and understood, let's look at whether these cooling devices do what they are expected to do and under what circumstances they work best, adequately, or not at all.are ventless air conditioners any good

Where Ventless Evaporative Coolers Work Best

A ventless air cooler can be a good choice if the heat of summer causes you to have sleepless nights and you live in an area that has predominantly dry heat.

By that I mean the air has low average humidity during the day or night.

This type of dry summer air is common in desert or semi-desert locations or places well away from large bodies of water such as the ocean, lakes or large rivers.

To be sure, it is best not to generalize or to make a guess. It's better to refer to the local weather station to find out what the humidity levels are in your area.

If the air is dry, you are good to go with a swamp cooler to cool your space.

Pros of Swamp Coolers

The main benefits of swamp coolers are low electricity consumption and humidified air, which is more comfortable to breathe than very dry air.

A big plus for these coolers is that unlike portable air conditioners, they do not need an exhaust vent hose to connect to a wall or window vent. This is because they do not produce hot air like AC units do as a consequence of the mechanical compressor generating heat as it works.

Ventless AC units can be moved around fairly easily on their wheels as long as their tank is not full of water. Then they get a bit heavy!

These units are extremely energy efficient and produce very little noise. They are intended to increase comfort without increasing your electricity bills!

A variety of portable air conditioners are available that do not require ventilation. This is largely dependent on the area you intend to place them in.

Where Ventless Evaporative Coolers Do Not Work Well

When the humidity level rises in a given location, the effectiveness of an evaporative cooler is reduced.

This is because for the cooling effect by evaporation to take place, the air needs to be able to absorb the moisture in the cold air blown out by the cooler. Humid air becomes more saturated and less able to absorb more moisture, so its ability to absorb heat is reduced.

Cons of Swamp Coolers

Evaporative coolers simple do not work well in humid conditions. There is not much you can do about the weather and if you live in an area that has high summer humidity, you are better off buying a true air conditioner to deal with the hot, moist air.

While it is possible to help a swamp cooler do its job by opening a window or two to allow for a cross breeze to circulate the air, if the outside air is as humid as the inside air, you're not going to get much absorption.

A true air conditioner dries the air as it chills it, removing moisture much like a dehumidifier does. That's how it can cope with humid air and still keep you cool.

Ventless Air Conditioners in Small Spaces

You do not need a large, ventless air conditioning unit if you have a small area.

Desktop sized ventless air coolers especially made for small spaces are available and can work in spaces as small as 120 square feet. They are perfect for bedrooms, although they might not be ideal for living rooms.

These vent free coolers built for small spaces or desktop operation usually have a low power rating and some even work on batteries.

Ventless Air Conditioners to Cool Large Spaces

Larger, free standing ventless portable air conditioners are a better option for people who need to cool larger rooms, such living rooms or master bedrooms.

These great value swamp coolers will work in areas of up to 500 square feet. They don't require window access or hoses. You will also find a 1300 CRM airflow and around 85 watts power consumption.

Multi-Purpose Ventless Evaporative Air Coolers

In certain situations, it may be better to choose a ventless AC conditioner that can simultaneously cool a large space and cool a smaller one.

There are many options. These can be used for cooling down your room temperature by 20° Celsius (68° Fahrenheit).

Evaporative Coolers Outdoors

This are a number of portable outdoor evaporative water coolers, which are great for outdoor cooling such as around a pool or on a porch or terrace.

These coolers can be used indoors in a large room, or outdoors as needed. You can adjust the humidity level with an iced compartment or humidity control.

A swamp cooler is a great, low cost option to cool your pool area, backyard, or other outdoor space.


These free standing ventless coolers are really simple to use and in the right atmospheric conditions (meaning low humidity), the do work very well.

They cool your environment using evaporated water, meaning they can work without ventilation. Just fill the tank, plug it into the power outlet and turn on a cooling stream of chilled air.

A swamp cooler does not dry or recycle the air in the same way as traditional air coolers. It can add up to 5% humidity to the air by evaporated water. This makes the air comfortable and natural to breathe and makes for a comfortable living space during the heat of summer.


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