Welcome to Ventless Portable Air Conditioner (ventlessportableairconditioner.intervalinc.com).

This site has been created to inform people about the many benefits of evaporative air coolers (swamp coolers) and how they can be used to keep the climate in your interior space at a comfortable level when it gets hot outside. That counts whether it be your home, a room in the home, your office, garage, workshop or any other inside space for that matter where you need to spend time and need to be comfortable when you are using it.

There is also information on regular air conditioning devices by way of providing contrast and comparison with their cheaper to run and more environmentally friendly counterparts.

The site's author and main contributor is Dr Johnathan Cook who as a side project to his professional medical training is also a keen HVAC enthusiast who is tirelessly exploring more economical and environmentally kind alternative ways to maintain a comfortable climate in our homes and workplaces.