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Best Value Portable Swamp Coolers to Buy Online

If you want a portable swamp cooler that offers great value for money with effective, easy-to-use cooling capability, here are some low price examples that work well in most dry conditions.

When you're looking for economical ways to stay cool during the hot season, it's not much use looking at small air conditioners to solve your problems because no matter how you look at it, air conditioning is expensive to run.

The cheaper alternative is to look at evaporative or swamp coolers because they use a mere fraction of the energy (typically 1/20th of the power consumption of AC) and can also be found for a surprisingly affordable price tag at some of the best online stores.

Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Here's an image of one of the best portable room cooing devices I've ever seen:

Sunpentown SPT SF-608R

best non-vented air conditioner under 100

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You can click on the image or the link (in red) just below it and the Amazon website will open up in your browser at just the right page. There you can read all about this great appliance and see all the many positive customer reviews from people who bought it, use it and find this device to be an incredibly rock-solid purchase!

But why is the best? What made me decide to feature this model over all the others that are priced at surprisingly low levels? Well, here are a few reasons you might be interested in:

What Makes this Appliance the "Best"?

Take a look at these key features of a simple to use yet powerful and effective cooling unit that is lightweight and portable with no trailing vent hose to worry about:

How Does it Work?

Amazon Disclaimer: The author of this website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.comThis indoor room cooling unit works by endothermic reaction (which is a reaction that consumes heat), which I'll explain in every day terms:

The unit sucks room temperature air through a wick that has been saturated with water. As the air flows through the damp wick, some of the moisture evaporates into the room which literally consumes the heat that was in the air.

A nicely chilled breeze is then blown out through the front of the unit, which is a lot cooler than the room's temperature. That's what reduces the temperature in the room making it feel comfortable and pleasant to be in.

Note: The unit works best in dry climates (with low average humidity) but it is not so effective in areas that have high average humidity. The reason for this is that the unit utilizes moisture to cool the air and if it is already saturated with moisture, the chill effect is greatly reduced.

On the plus side, since this is not a regular air conditioner with no motorized heat exchange and refrigeration process, it uses much less energy to do its job. That translates into a lot of dollars you save when you choose this kind of device over a traditional aircon unit.

More Choices of Great Value Evaporative Cooling Units

While the example above is in my opinion the best in its price range, there are some other units that come a close second in terms of purchase cost, features and effectiveness when used in the right climate (which is low humidity). Here are some alternative choices that you might be interested in looking at in more detail:

Sunpentown SPT SF-613 LED

best ventless air conditioner

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  • Cooler, humidifier, fan and air filter with ionizer
  • Oscillating louvers, even cooling distribution. 3 speeds
  • LED panel to control 7.5 hour timer with remote control
  • Lightweight, portable with locking casters and NO vent!
  • Double-layered filtration, mesh water curtain, washable filter
Sunpentown SPT SF-610

portable air conditioner vent-free

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  • Super economical uses only 60 watts of power
  • Easy setting and adjustment comes with remote control
  • Oscillating louvers for maximum cool breeze dispersion
  • Programmable timer and ionic air purifier
  • Amazing value at a low price that might surprise you

These are great low cost portable air conditioner units that really can make a difference during the hot summer months without eating too deeply into your household budget.


Posted on Wed, April 6 2016 in Air Conditioning | 5 Comments

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5 thoughts on "Best Value Portable Swamp Coolers to Buy Online"

Cook says:
September 22, 2019

Hey James, I'm so glad it worked so well for you. That's what I've been saying all along, if your air is dry enough (and Colorado is perfect), these units are the obvious choice of cooler when you don't want to spend a ton of money on AC costs.

James says:
September 21, 2019

I've been using one of these all this summer and it's been a life saver here in Colorado after a real hot summer. Costs hardly anything to run but it keeps my place cool enough to make it comfortable. What a great idea as an alternative to expensive AC!

Stephanie says:
January 18, 2017

They work great to cool outdoor areas even in high humidity areas such as the South.

Cook says:
April 24, 2016

These coolers work best below 50% humidity. They'll still work at higher levels but you need to remember to keep a window and a door open to allow air to circulate. I've heard of people using them at 80% humidity and still getting cold air, but that's not the norm.

It's surprising how many people buy these coolers thinking they're AC when they're not. So they send them back because they didn't perform like an AC. Or they ran them with all doors and windows closed tight (increasing the humidity inside until they stopped giving out cold air).

On the flip side I know plenty of people (me included) who use a swamp cooler and get great performance from it. The trick is knowing what it is, how it works and what it can and cannot do. When you use them right, they are pretty amazing yet cost next to nothing to run when compared to AC.

Claudia says:
April 23, 2016

Can you give me some idea of areas this would be good for.
What % humidity are we talking about.