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Keeping Nice and Cool for Less

In the heat of the summer months, it is really nice to be able to be indoors in a nice cool room and do whatever it is that you like to do. While the cost of cooling the whole house can be prohibitive with power prices as high as they are, there is a cost effective solution that I may have mentioned once or twice in this blog...

Sure, it's the best high power evaporative air coolers that can be run at a fraction of the cost of a whole house system. But remember, they can still keep you as cool as a cucumber while you sit and read or watch TV as long as your humidity levels are low enough.

Compact and Cheap to Run

The beauty of portable units is in their compactness and ability to cool a single room that they happen to be in. If you want to use a different room, you simply unplug the unit and wheel it into the next room with you.

In minutes, the room will be cool as most portable air conditioning units are powerful enough to cool a hot room literally in minutes of being switched on. The saving on initial purchase as well as the ongoing saving on power consumption is well worth their investment.

What Are Owners Saying?

Here's a real life example of what I men here:

My next door neighbor was considering the pros and cons of getting a whole house air conditioning system installed but then decided against it at the last minute when he sat down and went through the figures after comparing the start up costs and running costs with a small, portable unit. There are a whole load of good reasons why portable room air conditioners are better than a whole house system, but economy and kindness to the environment are probably the most compelling.

My neighbor sure found that out when he realized how much he could save by not installing a big system and instead opting for a portable unit. After all, his reasoning was that why pay to keep the whole house cool in summer when he could only physically occupy one room at any given time.

He certainly wasn't going to pay all that extra just to keep his cat cool in the next room! So he saw sense and bought himself the smaller, vent free portable swamp cooler instead and is so pleased with his decision. His power bills are low and that means he is doing his part to help reduce power consumption, which makes us all smile a little wider.

Which just goes to show that there is a solution for keeping cool in the summer for everyone no matter how big or small their home may be. It's certainly something worth considering.

Maximize Your Cooler's Effectiveness

People who live in an uninsulated home can read this and learn why it is important to have good insulation in your home and especially the attic. It doesn't matter whether you live in a cold or a hot climate, insulating the attic will make a difference to your fuel bills!

There is no getting away form the fact that a house will leak heat in one direction or another and it will always be in the wrong direction depending upon whether you are trying to keep warm or cool in side the house. In winter, when you are burning expensive fuel to keep warm, most of the heat generated escapes through the roof, seeing a heat rises.

Whereas in summer when you are using a lot of electricity to run your home's air cooling solution, the heat from outdoors seems to radiate in through your roof as the sun beats down on it. This is where the benefits of attic insulation come into their own.

Why Insulate Your Home?

Good, thick insulation in the attic will have a dual benefit of helping to keep a lot of that expensive heat retained inside. While in summer it will do a very good job of keeping the heat from the sun outside while your air conditioning system can run a lot more efficiently when it doesn't have to contend with so much heat coming in through the roof.

The upshot of preventing heat gain or loss inside the home is in lower fuel bills that you would otherwise spend on trying to maintain a comfortable temperature inside throughout the year. It not only saves on energy but also helps the environment by not further depleting the planet's already dwindling resources.

It is worth spending a little more on getting the highest value insulation for your attic as it will pay for itself in lower fuel bills over the years and also maintain a more comfortable temperature inside, which is what it is intended for after all.


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