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Best Low Cost Non-Vented Portable Air Conditioner

When you need a good vent-free air conditioner but economy is a high priority, take a look at the best low cost portable cooler on sale online that I've ever come across and prepare to be amazed at great value for money!

There are loads of different variations of air cooling devices that do not need to be vented to the outside on the market, with many of the low end models costing less than a hundred bucks.

But when money is a concern, you need to know which one will give you the best all-round value for money service. After all, you don't want to spend your hard earned money and get something that does not live up to expectations.

Buy the Best Value Portable Aircon

So to help you avoid disappointment, I'm recommending what I know to be a really great unit that has proved to be reliable and effective at cooling a room surprisingly fast and even more surprisingly by a lot of degrees! You can get this particular evaporative cooler online so there's no fuss involved and you know you're dealing with a long established and trusted store.

Note: Since publication (updated 2024), I noticed the price for the units highlighted on this page fluctuated and at times at certain stores. It can still be found with discounts for less, but please be aware that if you click through and find the current price to be more than you expected, this is outside of my control and shows the price has changed since publication of this article.

I would advise you to click through via the image above to check the latest price on the official site to see if it is still at the price you last saw it or not. Thanks.

Note: For the time being, I have removed links to products from this page because of fluctuating prices causing complaints. Please browse other pages on this site (such as this one: Best Value Portable Swamp Coolers to Buy Online) for better deals on cooling appliances from some of the best online stores around!

Why Choose a Swamp Cooler Over an Air Conditioner?

There are loads of great reasons why you would choose to buy a swamp (evaporative) cooler when you live in a fairly dry climate which has lower than around 40-50% humidity for most of the time. The first is pretty obvious in that these devices cost less to buy and cost way less to run, saving you money from day one.

The next most important reason is that they are fully portable indoors thanks to not having an exhaust vent like a regular portable air conditioner. If you have never owned one of either kind of cooling device, you might not really appreciate what a difference this is, so I'll explain it for you.

Since a regular portable AC needs to vent off the hot air that is created during the heat exchange/refrigeration process that produces the chilled air, you need to site the unit near to an outside wall that has a convenient opening to connect the vent to. Most people don't have such an opening so they have to use a slightly open window or door to hang the vent hose out of.

If you didn't do that, the hot air that is produced as a by-product of the cooling process would create a net heat increase in the room, making the unit pretty useless! It also means they're not as portable as they seem because you're limited to where you can put them (viz. near a window or other external wall opening).

In other words, there is really no such thing as a portable air conditioner with no exhaust hose, because it is necessary to carry the hot air away from the room!

No Hot Air Produced

On the flip side, an evaporative (or swamp cooler) doesn't produce any hot air, because it doesn't use a refrigeration process at all. No hot exhaust means there is no need for a vent to hang out a window... and hey presto! You can put it where you like making it truly portable.

So cost saving plus complete portability makes for a very attractive package for cooling the space in your home during the hot summer months. If you need to know any more about these devices, you will find a collection of informative articles published right here on this site (check the links in the right hand column near the top of this page)!

Disclaimer: Please note that the price of an item reviewed on this page may change after publication. If that should be the case, I'd appreciate a timely heads up from anyone who notices (please leave me a comment in the form below). I'll make any changes to the article that are needed. Thanks in advance!


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