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Self Evaporating Portable Air Conditioner: 4 Reasons to Want One

If you ever needed four really good reasons to want and buy a fully self evaporating portable air conditioner to keep you cool this summer, here they are!

self evaporating portable air conditionerBut first, a question: "Hey, what are these portable self-evaporative ACs and why are they being featured on a swamp cooler website?"

The main reason I'm featuring these coolers is I've been hearing that some people are confusing them with evaporative (swamp) coolers and portable air conditioner no vent models. I want to clear that confusion up right away.

I'll provide an example or two a little further on, but let's be clear: These units are true, refrigerant-based air conditioners and NOT swamp coolers.

They need to be vented to the outside through a window kit and generally come with dual vent hoses for reasons I'll get into in just a minute. But first, here's the four reasons you'll seriously want one (or more) when you live in a humid climate that's not suitable for swamp coolers.

Four Reasons to Seriously Want a Portable Self Evaporating AC

The following points are what I've collected after talking to a lot of people who ended up buying one or more for their homes or offices. Oh, and after buying one for myself just to see...

Reason #1: No Draining

One of the major irritations with regular portable air conditioner models is the need to periodically drain them of the water that collects in a drain tube or in a tray at the bottom of the unit.

This is merely condensed water that is produced as the refrigeration process chills the air inside the unit. It's just a real nuisance to empty or drain every now and then.

Self evaporating models work some magic inside to evaporate the moisture that condenses and expel it out the vent along with the exhaust hot air.

Reason #2: Economy

A great feature is these models actually re-use the condensed moisture to aid in the cooling process. This actually reduces energy consumption by the condenser that normally runs very hot in regular AC models.

The recycled moisture that is not heated is re-evaporated so it can easily be vented to the outside.

Reason #3: Output

Even though these evaporating models use less power than regular models, their output of cold air is pretty impressive when you compare two equally rated units of either type.

Part of the appeal here is the dual hose setup, which allows the unit to take fresh air from the outside to process along with the hot moist air from inside the room. This makes it more effective at pumping out lovely chilled air to keep you cool.

Reason #4: Pressure

One point a lot of people don't know about is that single hose AC units tend to create negative pressure inside the room being cooled. This might not sound like a big deal, but in terms of energy consumption and wastage, it actually is.

When a regular AC sucks in air from the room, chills it and sends cold air back into the room, that's not all that's happening. The processed air starts off being hot and moist and the heat produced inside the unit creates a lot of hot moist air that needs to be exhausted to the outside.

The simple explanation is the unit is pumping more air outside the room than what's in it, creating negative pressure.

What happens is nature doesn't like a vacuum. So it causes air to be sucked into the room from outside -- through any cracks in masonry or tiny gaps in window or door frames. That's to re-balance the internal pressure.

However, the air outside is hot!

So more hot air coming in forces the AC unit to work harder to keep it cool in the room. To do that, it uses ore energy, ultimately costing you more dollars when you next electricity bill arrives!

Dual hose self evaporating ACs prevent that happening because they balance the air pressure inside thanks to their external air intake using the second hose.

Where to Buy Them?

If you think these are pretty compelling reasons to replace your old, single hose units with these dual hose powerhouses, you probably want to know where to get them for a great price, great customer service and with free delivery, right?

While there are some really good online hardware stores, I find it hard to beat the prices, service and free delivery option that is offered by Amazon.

Of course, you're free to go shop wherever you want. This is just my preference.

What Are the Best Dual Hose Self Evaporative Portable Air Conditioners to Buy?

Personally, I lean toward the higher output rated models for versatility. When it comes to cooling different size rooms using the one unit, wheeling from room to room and hooking up a powerful device ensures I get enough cooling power for the larger rooms.

I can happily recommend my top model right now. It is a higher power 14,000 BTU unit capable of cooling a fairly large room. See below:

Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Whynter ARC-143MX

My top pick is this "Whynter 14000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner with 3M Antimicrobial Filter" as a great all-round workhorse. This is a well-built, sturdy and powerful cooler that I really love.

It's not too noisy unlike some cheaper brands yet manages to cool even a pretty large room down real fast and keep it cool for as long as I need it.

It's perfect for areas that need low atmospheric moisture levels like computer rooms or anywhere there is a lot of electrical equipment that does not like damp conditions. It has a dehumidifier setting if you need it but it naturally dehumidifies as its cooling anyway.

It features its own patented advance auto-drain technology. It cleverly recycles the moisture that's collected during cooling to assist in producing cold air. The dual hose operation makes for faster cooling with better economy.

Amazon Disclaimer: The author of this website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.comIt's easy to set up (the window fixing kit is supplied) and use. It has a timer and comes with a remote of course!

If you want to see more, please click the image above to visit the Amazon page where it is featured. There is more information on the self-evaporating portable air conditioner at this additional resource.

The Edge Over Other Portable Coolers

The final word on this and other dual hose models like it is that they definitely have a edge over other air coolers when it comes to cooling larger spaces in tougher climate conditions. They are better able to cope with higher temperatures while still providing plenty of cool without using plenty of energy!

Sure, you can save money by buying a cheaper AC model with a single hose and a lower power rating. A cheaper cooler would probably work just fine in a small room. Just don't expect it to tackle a tougher job like a larger room or higher temperatures in high humidity without costing a lot more to run at full power and still not keep up.

Lastly, one final word about the word "cheap." It has a cheap ring to it for a good reason.

Cheap usually means false economy. That's because something you buy cheap tends to be made of inferior components that wear out faster. A cheap AC for example will end up costing you a whole lot more when you need to replace it when it breaks down a lot sooner than a more expensive, well-built model.

That's not necessarily my opinion, but one of those hard and fast truths that a lot of people already know!


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4 thoughts on "Self Evaporating Portable Air Conditioner: 4 Reasons to Want One"

Justin says:
October 20, 2019

My apartment gets so hot in summer and summer goes on a long time here in S Florida. I can't fit a window AC so I looked for a portable that I wouldn't need to keep emptying. I bought a Honeywell online but it arrived with the packaging damaged and the unit inside had a broken wheel so I sent it back for a refund. I didn't want another one of them, so I got a Whynter and it came next day in perfect condition. I set it up, it was easier than I expected and it has saved my life all this summer. My place is cool now and the AC runs all the time I'm there. I can't use it on full power for long cause my place gets too cold! Some people say these things are noisy but while I can hear it, it's not very loud and it makes a great background hum to cancel out the noisy neighbors at night! Best thing I ever bought!

Margaret says:
April 2, 2019

I had a Whynter 14000 BTU working all last summer in my study and it was wonderful how cool it kept the room. I never needed to empty it and at first was worried there might be something wrong. Then I discovered it was self evaporating, my neighbor told me how lucky I was to have one of these! Turns out she's had Whynter portable ACs for years and swears by them for their reliability and powerful cooling.

Brenda says:
July 3, 2018

I'm in a similar situation to you Joe. I rent my apartment but the rental agreement says no window AC and it gets hot in here. I live in New Orleans and it gets way too humid for a swamp cooler to be any good, so I'm looking at portable AC... and I think I just found what I need, thanks!

Joe says:
June 30, 2018

I like the idea of reusing the moisture to help it cool the air and use less energy too. I think I'm going to buy one of these for my apartment, cause I can't fit a window AC. Thanks for the great article!