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  1. Kimberly Garringer says:

    I live in Florida would a swamp cooler work because of our high humidity. I live in a travel trailer and was hoping it would work. Please let me know…Kimberly:)

    • cook says:

      Hey Kimberly,

      If the humidity is very high, like 70% or more, I’d say don’t put your faith in a swamp cooler. You’d only get limited cooling at best. At worst, it might not put out any cool air.

      They can work if you have a window open each end of the trailer to create some air-flow, but in all honesty I think you might be wasting your money. You’d be better off getting a small portable AC that will keep you cool with all windows closed, but it will use a lot more electricity is all.

      Choice is yours. Hope that helps ya!

      Johnathan Cook

  2. Sal says:


    I too live in Florida in a condo that is pretty old. I have a full size unit but due to building’s age and insulation (Or complete lack there of) the unit in the hottest months of the year can’t get the place much lower then 80 and that is running almost all the time.

    My question is, with AC running and reducing the humidity do you think that would be enough to make one of these swamp coolers good enough to just lower the temp in our bedroom by 10 degrees or so?


    • cook says:

      Hey Sal, AC + swamp cooler is a combo that works in a limited way depending on the circumstances. The swamp cooler will reduce the temp but it will put more load on the AC to work harder to dehumidify the air–so your energy usage will go up. My advice is to borrow a swamp cooler from someone if you can, and try it out to see how much of a difference it makes first before committing to buying one.

      If that’s not an option and the room is not too large, Amazon sell a low cost cooler made by Supentown (I mention it with a link to the sales page in my post here: that actually does a surprisingly good job despite its low ticket price.

  3. adam boyle says:

    Johnathan Cook, hi. The sq-foot-covered you list for the Honeywell MN10CESWW says 400 sq-feet, but when you click the link to that model its specs note only 350 sq-feet. Which is right?

  4. Johnny Heller says:

    I am trying to cool a small sound booth – about the size of a small closet. It gets very very hot!
    I am hoping to find a quiet cooler but I assume I will use it to cool the room down, work until it gets hot again and repeat. A swamp cooler sounds perfect but I live in NYC so I ‘m not sure. Are the swamp coolers – A: okay to use near audio tech equipment?
    B. Effective to cool a small sound studio that holds one person, a mic and a monitor?

    • cook says:

      Hey Johnny, swamp coolers push out cold, damp air. Audio tech equipment won’t much like moisture, so personally I would not use a swamp cooler in a sound booth. A better solution would be to rig up an AC unit outside the booth with inlet/outlet vents to cool it down inside. That way you keep the air dry, stay cool and low noise too. Hope that helps.
      – John Cook.

  5. Mr Lou. Spickett says:


    I merely want to cool our bedroom to a tolerable level. At the moment we use a continuously running fan which is not ideal. Will a swamp cooler do the trick and make the environment tolerable? Will the swamp cooler water container last the whole night. which swamp cooler do you recommend? Thanks for you help.

    Lou. Spickett

    • cook says:

      Hi Lou,

      I explained what is needed for a swamp cooler to work on the main (front) page of this website – ie low humidity and an open window/door also helps. I also posted my recommendations of the best swamp coolers currently on the market.

      Without knowing your humidity levels, ambient temp, physical room attributes etc, I can’t make an accurate assessment of your needs. I’m sure you can appreciate that, plus it is not possible for me to make a physical inspection. But you know your own home! Please read the front page and draw your own conclusions from the info I provided.

      Dr John Cook

  6. Kate Self says:

    I live in Arkansas. I am looking for a way to cool my house. Portable ACs are very difficult for me. I have tried two; however, the exhaust hoses are not long enough. My windows are high and vertical. Would a swamp cooler work in central Arkansas?

    • cook says:

      Hey Kate,

      I’m not familiar with the weather in Arkansas (it’s a big place). The best thing is ask your local weather station. If the humidity averages below 60% in summer, then a swamp cooler would help cool your house. Swamp coolers are not as powerful as AC but can drop the temperature 10-25 degrees in the right circumstances. Just don’t expect them to perform like AC!

  7. Eddie Smith says:

    I’ve noted, via Amazon, a few mini-dehumidifiers that can collect about 400 mL of water daily. While that’s not substantial, would something like that improve the efficiency of an evap cooler in a humid climate? Yes, you may have to constantly empty out the device, but would that work somewhat?

    The Ivation Eva-Dry is a good example of one.

    • cook says:

      A dehumidifier has some benefit and is better than nothing when you can’t use AC if there are no vents or ducts anywhere. By doing some rudimentary calculations and closing all windows/doors, you could balance the volume of water used by the evap cooler and the volume collected by the dehumidifier and expect some cooling to occur.

      How much exactly would take a more serious math-minded person. But I’m sure it can be figured out drop for drop!

      Some of the bigger coolers will use a lot more than 400ml per day, so you may need a few dehumidifiers running to balance things. If it’s about getting some cool air, then it’s worth trying. Just remember that a few dehumidifiers will use a lot of electricity so there will be no real saving on that score–the economy of the swamp cooler will be displaced by the extra load running dehumidifiers which also put out some heat too!

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